Local 2195

June Retiree Meeting

June 11, is our next schedule Retiree Meeting and as most of you know it will be our last meeting until our Fish-Fry in September. No meetings July and August.

It is important that we continue our good attendance at the meeting this is the reason that we still maintain our Union Hall. We have lost several members this year. We receive continued reports of those that are unable to make the meeting due to illness.

We attempt to have a Blue Cross Blue Shield Representative available at our meetings to assist our members with any of their billing issues. Our Financial Secretary John Hawkins and myself are normally there to provide assistance in anyway we can with what ever the issues may be.

Our luncheon this month is being sponsored by Bramlett, Buick & GMC Dealership in Decatur.

On a personal note at the STATE DEMOCRAT EXECUTIVE MEETING held at Montgomery in April, they had one position open in Congressional District 5 for a delegate position for the Democrat National Convention. I accepted the nomination and was elected to this delegate position. I consider it an honor to have this opportunity. Thanks for all your help and assistance in putting me in this position your support is always crucial.

Hope to see you at the meeting, take care and be safe.

In Solidarity

P.S. We will have our normally clean-up day on Wendseday at 9:00 am. our Hall is in pretty good shape do to the outstanding jog our volunteer clean-up crew do at our last session. If you can't make it for clean-up day no big deal.


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