Local 2195

Retiree Chair Report

Retiree Chair Chuck McDonald

Brothers and Sisters Local 2195 Retiree Chapter:

After the devastation that our state and country has just experienced I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate a few items to you. We have not had any reports of casualties of our members or their families. If you know of any please let me know.

We have wide spread damage throughout our area and the state of Alabama. We are getting reports that a number of our members have received minor too major damage to their homes and properties.

We have been very fortunate at our home the only thing we have had a problem with is our phone, cable TV and Internet. Our electricity has come and gone but for the most part we have had very little inconvenience and nothing when we look at the devastation other have faced.

We were very fortunate at our Union Hall we received no major damage, our electricity has been off since day one of the storm and remains that way at this point. We had tree damage with a lot of limbs that broke off. Nothing that can't be fixed. I worked Friday cleaning up most of the down limbs however my chain saw had to go to the shop so the large one's remain. If anyone doesn't have anything to do and has a chain saw they are welcome to go to the Hall and cut up the remaining limbs. I estimate there might be 20 minutes work cutting and approximately an hour clean-up.

The status of our next meeting is up in the air, it will depend on, if and when our electricity is restored. The next meeting is schedule for Monday May 9. I will keep you posted on our situation.

We ask that everyone keep those in need, especially if they lost family, friends or suffered damages, in your thoughts and prayers. We will make it through this. We pray we never have to experience anything like this again.

Wishing you God Speed,

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