Local 2195

December Retiree Meeting

Time: 11:00 am at Local 2195 Union Hall
Place: Tanner, AL

As the year comes to and end and we have our last Retiree Meeting of 2017, we look back and count our many blessing (our Retirement and Health Care is still intact). Although we have taken a few hits over the years we have also made a remarkable come back from where we could have been. Thanks to all those involved in saving the American Auto Industry and protecting our Retirees and their families’ security.

Our luncheon this month will be provided by Lynn Layton Chevrolet of Decatur. Lynn and Jeff Layton have been outstanding sponsors for us for many years and we appreciate all they do. Jeff said they will again be doing something special at this meeting as they have in the past in honor the Christmas Holiday Season and wanted to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and the best for the New Year.

We still have some people that are confused about our insurance coverage and we will try to address any outstanding issues you may have at our meeting.

There is a lot going on that will impact all of us in the future, the new tax bill if gets finalized; there is much discussion regarding its impact there strong reports that it boils down to pay back for the rich and it will place Medicare, social security on the chopping block in the future. It will have a major impact on poor children's health care which will eliminates much or if not all of their coverage. In order to pay for the deficit that the tax breaks create for the richest 1% it will be necessary to make future cuts on vital programs to make up for the lost revenue. Hopefully these issues can get corrected before final passage.

Another big issue that is happening is the vote for the US Senate vacancy in AL. I'm just going to make a couple of comments about this; Roy Moore was twice elected to the State Supreme Court both times he failed to do the job and was removed from office. I don't have any problem with a person political beliefs but when you take an oath to do a job you are supposed to do to the best of your ability. Roy Moore cost the tax payers of Alabama thousands of dollars by not upholding his responsibilities that were entrusted to him. That in it self should make him a non-responsible candidate and not worthy of our vote. I will not even get into all the other allegations of his misconduct.

As much pride as we in AL take in our football programs it looks like the citizen voters would want to show the same pride in their political leadership, Roy Moore as Senator would haunt the reputation of Alabama and its citizens for years to come. How would you explain a Senator Moore to your children and grandchildren? One of the great statements I have heard," is an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure". The way this can be handled is get out and vote for Doug Jones a decent, honorable worthy candidate who will represent all Alabamians with dignity and respect.

We will be accepting can food and non-perishables food items at the Retiree Meeting to be distributed to an organization that provides food for the poor and needed.

In Solidarity
Chuck McDonald


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