Local 2195

November Retiree Meeting

 November 12 Retiree Meeting:
Monday 11:00 am
Location, Post 15 American Legion Hall (please park in the back plenty of parking with several handicapped)
Decatur, AL

It is our intent to return to severing Popeye Chicken at this meeting. If everything goes well with our discussion with Popeye's we will return to our old tradition. We are attempting to serve, chicken, biscuit, red-beans-rice or dirty rice. We are going to have sweet tea and un-sweet available this is by request we are attempting to get away from the soft drinks (probably with not having cooler facilities of our own). The tea will be provided by the kitchen manager of the post and they will help with set-up. Lue Adams will be in charge of our meal serves.

Lynn Layton will once again sponsoring our luncheon. As usual we think Lynn and Jeff for their continued support we have been very good for each other over the many years. If you need any assistance with a new or used car they along with their staff stand ready willing and able to assist you.

We will have our insurance Representative at the meeting both Aetna and Blue Cross, If you have any problems with bills or service it would be a great time to get with these representative who come her at our request to serve you and your personal needs.

Tomorrow is election day we in AL take a lot of pride in our state and especially our football programs. At the present time University of Alabama is and has been No. 1 in the Nation for many months. Although Auburn has struggle this year they normally rank right up at the top. They both had great victories Saturday.

The Sad thing about our state we rank No. 1 with our previous elected leadership in Montgomery it is not something to be proud of No. 1 in Corruption. Just to name a few Governor Bentley, Speaker of the House Hubbard, Speaker of the House Hammond others have resigned as well as others that are under investigation. We can do something about this Tuesday, please go vote.

It is appreciated it you would pass on this communication and carry someone to vote our Social Security and Medicare are always on the chopping block when they start talking cutting the deficit. A deficit that has grown rapidly since they gave the largest tax to their friends the Country Club elite.

In Solidarity



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