Local 2195

September Retiree Meeting

Monday September 9, 2019
11:00 am
American Legion Hall Post 15
HWY 31 Decatur, AL
Hello to each and every one of our UAW Brothers and Sisters, The Retiree Executive Board hope and trust everyone had a great summer and now looking forward to cooler weather as well as getting our meetings started back. We hope you take the time to participate in our meetings not only for the information we share but also we believe a great opportunity to enjoy the fellowship.
Most of you know our meetings start in Sept. and run through June of the following year. They have always been held on the 2nd Monday of each month unless the weather requires us to cancel. Fortunately this has only happened one time since I have been Chairman over the last (18) years. Wow- where has the time gone?
First of all I would like to once again thank Lynn Layton Chevrolet for sponsoring our meeting hall as well as our many luncheons through out the year. Lynn and Jeff have always been there as a main sponsor for many of our programs. We have always informed our members the only thing they ask is give them consideration to see if they can help take care of what ever your new or used car needs might be.
We will have our Blue Cross and Aetna health care representatives at the Monday meeting.
At our Oct. meeting the UAW Health Care Trust will be at our meeting to make their annual report on in upcoming future changes in our Health Care V.E.B.A. Normally all vendors that provide our health care services are present at this meeting. Delta, Davis Vision, Express Scripts. Aetna and Blue Cross. Great opportunity to address any problem you may have.
As we have continuously reported our Nomination and Election for our Retiree Chapter Executive Board Members will began it the Sept. meeting.
Nominations: Monday Sept. 9
Election: Monday Oct. 14 if necessary or subsequent meeting by membership action.

We have lost several members since our last meeting and many of our members have loss love one's. As we grow in age we see more and more sickness that comes to our members and their families we ask that you hold them up in pray and love.

As I reported earlier at our previous meeting the UAW International has been dealing with some greedy individuals that have broken the trust and honor we hold and expect of our representative. We know that the actions of a few can make the good works of those that do the right thing get tainted and some times it becomes hard to understand how we got involve with the actions of idiots. Normally it boils down to GREED the thing that makes many good people go bad. We hope our members hold their judgments until all facts and investigations are concluded. We have people that are doing the investigations that have not lost any love for organized labor.

Hope to see you at the meeting. I know this was quite long but there is a lot going. Please pass this info on to other members that may not be on our email list.

Yours in Solidarity


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